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Nextgen youth work to improve the lives of young people and communities who experience difficulty and disadvantage. Nextgen Youth is a project for all young people aged 11-25 years old living in Bristol.

The youth project was started in 2022 by a group of local volunteers who felt there needed to be more opportunities for young people. Since then the project has developed and grown, and we’ve sponsored and donated to charities as well as had a couple of youth projects including gaming nights and ect.


Empowering Youth!

Our goal is to assist young people with the resources they need to effect change.

Building a Community!!


Family is what the Youth Project is. We are a group of people working together to help the deprived areas of Bristol.

Raising Funds!!!


To raise money, we run a lot of campaigns. The funds are then used to fund initiatives or make donations to charities.

Social game night


We held a successful gaming night at the Docklands Community Centre in St Paul's for the community.

There was a host of games such as Basketball, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Mafia, Board games and much more.


We aim to have many more so follow us and keep an eye out on instagram.

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Youth social event

Youth Event Gallery

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