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We believe every young kid deserves the best start in life even those from disadvantaged backgrounds or low-income deprived communities, and it is challenging to realise true potential when there is a lack of resources, concentration or direction. Youth programmes, such as coaching and refereeing, can offer young people who require extra assistance, encouragement, and direction. 


Nextgen pathways offer innovative programmes from the Nextgen circle providing mentoring, support and guidance for young people aged up to 25 years old from disadvantaged backgrounds or the deprived areas of Bristol.

Coaching programme - Introduction to Coaching Football


Available downloads

What is the coaching Programme?

The programme combines hands-on training with online training to provide an intense, relevant learning environment that focuses on the art and practise of coaching. After completing the programme, you will have the coaching abilities necessary to start your coaching journey as well as the ability to reflect on your own coaching experience.

It’s a free coaching programme for young people aged up to 25 years old that will help begin  and develop, their understanding of coaching whilst mentoring them to find focus. This programme is Built around Phoenix NextGen games, training,1:1 mentoring and group sessions that will help and encourage each individual to stay on track and fulfil their potential. 

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